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EU should give official reaction to Trump’s provocations
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EU should give official reaction to Trump’s provocations

During today’s debate in the European Parliament, ALDE Members have urged the Presidents of the three European institutions to give an official reaction to Trump’s EU provocations.

Verhofstadt: “Can you imagine the US administration failing to react, if foreign leaders suggested that the US would fall apart? It is high time we send out an official EU reaction and summon the American Ambassador to explain Trump’s statements.

He also warned the UK that it would be an illusion to think that they could leave the EU, but cherry-pick the best bits of European cooperation: “On Brexit, I am glad that Mrs May has brought greater clarity. The UK wants to leave the single market, the customs union, the union as a whole. That clarity was much needed. But apart from clarity, I also see a lot of cherry picking. It is an illusion that you can participate the most interesting bits of European cooperation after saying goodbye to the EU.

ALDE Vice President Marielle de Sarnez (Modem, France) added: “Trump made these surrealist remarks at the beginning of this week. I deeply regret that there has not been any official reaction from the European

ALDE MEP Izaskun Bilbao Barandica (Basque National Party) focussed her intervention on the Council’s priorities regarding employment, economic recovery and particularly the Youth Guarantee program: "I fully support these programmes, but it is necessary to improve control over the results of the program to correct mistakes in time. Spain, the country in the worst situation has hardly improved, although it has received almost 30% of the funds. Regional and local authorities have to play a strong role in the management of the Youth Guarantee, since they are closer to employers and the education system."  


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